The Like Mind Space Collective is a group of silent individuals who are dedicated to offering their time, skillset and resources to helping artists and performers untangle themselves from the personal circumstances that are causing anxiety and situational depression. We provide resources that pave the way for creatives to find peace within themselves and purpose for their craft.

Our mission is to help ground unstable individuals that are actively seeking to help themselves. We do this by providing a collection of services designed to alleviate circumstantial stressors that obstruct holistic transformation and creative realization.

To be of Like Mind is to share the same vision of “Peace for Humanity”. The Like Mind Space Collective believes this vision can be actualized through the influence of holistic art and performance. Therefore it is our duty to help heal the artists and performers of our time, collectively.

“The LMS Collective serves to provide external environments that empower artists and performers to create holistic balance in their personal and professional lives”

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