LMS Experience

Peace + Process = Purpose

The Like Mind Space Experience is a creative ecosystem equipped with mindfulness techniques, tools, and exercises intended to help artists and performers achieve creative breakthroughs, without anxiety, stress and situational depression.

This is a step-by-step process of creative-realization that speaks to artists and performers directly by using a unique philosophy created to be both relatable, understandable, and specific to creatives. The philosophical and holistic process of creation.

The content expressed in the Like Mind Space Experience is a combination of spirituality, philosophy and psychics. It is a practice of cultivating inner peace, while embracing the artistic parallels in the transcendental, macro, and micro processes of creation. Its intent is to lead every artist or performer to his or her own internal Like Mind Space; otherwise known as a pure, creative heart.

At present, The Like Mind Space Experience is a functioning ecosystem that is practiced with the faith and understanding of The Like Mind Space Collective. To further develop our program, we will begin by recruiting members to The Like Mind Space Collaboration Team and Like Mind Space Ambassadors to validate our process in both the creative and professional fields.

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